Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. If you can master the skills you need on the court, becoming a valuable player is inevitable. While there are many skills needed in basketball, if you want to get motivated to dunk you need to follow a simple plan.

The Right Music

basketball courtThe right music for basketball is highly dependent on your personality. Most people like something that pumps them up and increases their adrenaline, but there are some people who prefer something calm and relaxing. Lose Yourself by Eminem is very popular, while the obvious choice of the Rocky theme music is a classic. But you might prefer to choose some classical music to calm you down before you get out onto the court.

Quality Shoes

If you want to learn how to dunk a basketball you cannot ignore the need for quality shoes. Equipment plays a big part in basketball, even if it only really involves selecting some good sneakers. You don’t need to treat your footwear as a fashion accessory, simply choose something that allows you to get a high vertical jump. There are some classic shoes by Michael Jordan and Lebron James that will let you dunk far easier, but choose whatever you are comfortable with.

Work with Teammates

Teammates are important in every game, but even when you practice they will play their part. Teammates can let you know what you are doing wrong and also give you some positivity. Don’t take criticism too harshly, as this will be important for becoming a better basketball player. Your teammates can be your most valuable asset in the game.

Set Yourself Challenges

Motivation will only get you so far. You need to set yourself challenges and make reachable goals to improve. Rather than having one big goal, try to set yourself frequent goals that you can hit. Maybe you need to add a small amount of height to your vertical leap on a regular basis. Over time this will lead to a much better jump, but you didn’t set yourself an unrealistic target from the start.

Vertical Jump Training

Of course simply being inspired is not enough. You need to follow a quality training plan if you want to be able to jump a good distance. Vertical jump training is a series of exercises that give you power in your legs primarily, but will be effective as a full body workout. As your legs get stronger you should notice you can jump higher and also run faster, leading to a better chance of dunking, but also a better overall game. Jump training is vital for every basketball player who is looking to press on with their game.

Make Yourself Accountable

If you don’t make yourself accountable you will probably start to slack off at some point. Accountability is a way to put some pressure on yourself to achieve your dreams. Rather than relying on yourself, ask a coach to remind you of your targets, so you know you cannot get away with a poor performance.

If you can perform these tasks there is no reason you cannot get inspired to dunk. And when you can dunk, every player will want to learn from you or play against you.

Basketball Motivation

Need some music to get you up for the game, or what about just for a practice session.

Some basketball players don’t need anything to get them out on the court, but others benefit from some pump up music. Check out this collection of songs to get you warmed up for a basketball session.

Basketball Motivation

Anyone who plays basketball will know that at times you can hit a wall. You might be trying to dunk, or looking to improve your shooting, but things aren’t going right. Basketball requires a lot of fitness training, practice,and focus, but most of all it requires a strong mentality.

Check out this cool video for some basketball motivation. Whether you are going to a training session or you just stepped off the court. We all need a little motivation and inspiration from time to time. Hope this video can help.

Basketball Motivation